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Project Description

The Public Sector, for its vital importance in society, currently faces challenges whose answers will define not only the country’s development state but also the vitality and responsibility of its society. It is, undoubtedly, one of the sectors that most benefits from the implementation of business intelligence systems. Responsible Government and decision makers in general are faced daily with problems and opportunities that require real-time information to make and support decisions that can have a decisive political impact. They need appropriate tools to analyze and evaluate various aspects of their work and their organizations, on issues as important as the monitoring of Financial supports, Quality of Services, Optimization of Resources, Effectiveness of implemented programs or Monitoring Activity and Organizations that they are responsible for.

timestamp:biw, a consulting company specialized in developing complex Business Intelligence solutions, has significant experience in the Public Sector, with competences for, together with the Public Sector Organizations, developing Business Intelligence solutions best suited to their activity.

timestamp is a registered provider on the Portuguese Government Agency for Shared Services (ESPAP) procurement platforms.

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