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There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. – Roger Staubach, former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and NFL Superbowl winner, MVP and Hall of Fame

We are proud to help game studios and publishers achieve their goals by providing dedicated Solutions and Services that make the difference.

We help our clients create and manage complex networks, provide an exciting multiplayer real time experience, optimize resources and automate procedures across the development cycle through to publishing. We support live operations, manage cloud gaming solutions, process business analytics, monitor performances.

We add manpower to growing teams and complete the skill set both technically and creatively. We provide tools that help to make sense of Big Data systems fed by millions of active players on a daily basis across the globe.

Rich Media content requires effective and reliable engineered solutions so that the experience is consistent and cohesive across all platforms and devices.

With Digital Media becoming more and more demanding on processing power and heavier on data volume transfers, viewer expectations have to be met so that engaging content may be effective and return the expected results. Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Publishing, Broadcasting and Webcasting companies share a vital resource in common: technology. With new technology improving on efficiency and optimization, Timestamp Advance, a timestamp company group, is the key partner to turn technology into an ally.


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